Our Goals

The goal of the International Singing Academy is to provide a venue in which each singer’s needs are fulfilled: whether you are an amateur singer who wants to improve and strengthen your vocal skills, or a professional singer in need of a vocal and/or dramatic coach to help prepare upcoming auditions, competitions or roles.

Our carefully selected international faculty brings expertise from Broadway to opera houses around the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy’s administration with any questions you may have about our program. We look forward to upcoming projects and a COVID-free year.

Creating a community

We bring together a professional faculty from around the world to create a support system for singers.

Through our summer program and Master Classes with coaches, conductors, career counselors, agents, and teachers, singers have access to a network on which they can rely as they build their craft.

Providing opportunities

We strive to provide in multiple venues the opportunities to perform concerts, recitals, and roles. Live performance is an essential stepping stone for singers of all levels.

Building your voice

Understanding the tools needed to help build a voice is essential to expressive freedom.

We provide private lessons (live and on-line) as well as a variety of Master Classes with the hope of fulfilling the different technical needs and interests of singers.

Fribourg, Switzerland

ISA's Committee

The International Singing Academy was born in 2018 out of Rachel and Gilles Bersier’s desire to help singers of all ages to fulfill their potential and dreams.

Their goal was to bring together world-class professors and colleagues with like-minded principles.


Our committee :

Vanessa de Thorpe, president

Rachel Bersier, co-founder & artistic director

Michel Bohnenblust, member

Maurice Engler, member

Gilles Bersier, co-founder & administrator

Vanessa de Thorpe

Vanessa de Thorpe

michel bohnenblust

Michel Bohnenblust

Rachel Bersier voice teacher

Rachel Bersier

Gilles Bersier, tenor

Gilles Bersier


Maurice Engler


email : info@isa-academy.org

phone : +41 79 652 91 17

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